Saturday, August 11, 2007

South Carolina Real Estate

What with all of this turmoil in the mortgage markets we might not think it's quite the right time to go house shopping. However, for those who can finance properly, such turmoil is exactly the right time to go looking for a bargain: there's a lot of distress sellers out there.

Why not have a look at the charleston sc real estate for example. While there may be small problems, people who are over extended, no one thinks that the growth in the area is going to slow so in hte medium term this looks like a good time to get in on the dip. For more information on the south carolina real estate you should probably check out the Century 21 site (the relevant parts are linked above) as they are one of the global leaders in real estate and have all the facts and figures (plus, of course, access to a large number of properties) at their fingertips.

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