Thursday, May 03, 2007


Absolutely the worst thing that businesses do is fail to make the best use of the money they've already spent.

It costs a fortune to do your marketing and advertising and all too often people do not then follow up correctly with the leads that they've created in this manner. It's an absurd waste of money, to invite people to contact you (at great expense) and then not pursue their interest right to the end of making a sale or not.

That's why it's essential to have a good crm system, one that collates all the leads and information that comes into the firm and then tracks it through the system. If you haven't got one for your company then you really do need to get one and quickly. AIMpromote is quite possible the best one out there and is well worth your checking out.

Why spend all that money on getting leads if you're not then going to follow them up properly and make the most of that money you've already spent? Yes, you do need a crm system and you need it badly.

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