Thursday, May 17, 2007

Online Poker

While the Americans tie themselves up in knots over the moral and legal implications of gambling online we Brits are of course allowed to carry on to our hearts content. Which is why we're seeing poker rooms aimed specifically at us, of course.

So much so that there's good competition for your leisure time, as evidenced by this offer, Full Tilt Poker Bonus Code.

As and when you sign up you get a 100% bonus (up to $600 actually) of whatever sum you deposit to play with. They've got both high and low stakes tables so that sum could, if you were parsimonious, last you quite a long time!

They've also got enough activity going on that there's some $3 million a week in guaranteed tournaments.

This actually sounds like the sort of thing that my American business partner would enjoy, he being a poker maven. Just so unfair that he's not actually allowed, by his own governmnet, to do as he wishes, isn't it?

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