Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cheap International Calling

It's true that the costs of international phone calls have fallen in recent years, but they'venot fallen as much as they could have done. To get the best deals you do need to dig around a little. Which is where Pingo comes in. They are a prepaid calling card provider, which means that you can get much cheaper rates than in other places.

You can also use their phone card coupon code to get even better prices, for example, these India calling card rates.

There's even special offers, like $10 of free Father's Day calls. Plus a $25 Free Merchant Gift Card Giveaway.

It's worth noting that Pingo is actually owned by a publically listed company, one on Nasdaq, so there's no worries over their finance and in fact, they're one of the largest carriers of international calls: that's what allows their prices to be so low, the fact that they're doing so much volume. Those low wholesale rates get passed along to you.

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venkata said...

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