Saturday, May 26, 2007

Motivational Articles

Roaming around the blogosphere, as one does, I was interested to come across this blog with its series of motivational articles for entrepreneurs . Now the thing is I've been an entrepreneur all of my adult life, ever since I left university. No, I've not gone on to make a fortune but I have been able to enjoy a very good lifestyle, do the things I wanted to do and travel extensively. My time has, in short, been my own while I've been in businesses as varied as newspaper distribution, the restaurant trade, exotic metals and writing.

So I have a couple of decades worth of experience in being an entrepreneur and so am in a god position to judge the advice that's being given.

The advice from this young entrepreneur all seems to be good, top notch even, from my point of view. The motivational articles are indeed full of good advice about what you might think about doing in order to gee you up for the work that lies ahead. The stress on self-discipline makes equally god sense, as when you're working for yourself there's no one standing over you with a whip, telling you to get on with it.

Further, you do indeed need to become better at handling criticism (everyone does) and starting a healthier lifestyle is similarly good advice for everyone, but especially the entrepreneur, who needs that extra energy to get a project off the ground.

All in all, a decent collection of articles with good advice for those considering starting up on their own.

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