Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Web 2.0 in India

It shouldn't come as all that much of a surprise that we're seeing some of the more interesting Web 2.0 applications coming out of places like India. For as we know the place is chock full of well trained engineers (personally I was working with offshoring to the country back in 1989 but that's another story) and as with any group of people trained up to the eyeballs in these new technologies some of them are going to have good ideas about their implementation.

One example is this site where you can get India Hyper Agreegated! It's called Indy Chai (and yes, "chai" is where we get our own word "char" from).

In one way it's simply a news aggregation protal, with the addition of the usual RSS feeds and so on. But that's not really all of what it is. The Web 2.0 part comes from the aggregation of course, picking up feeds from others and then editing them to provide the exact mix that youactually want. Further, it's not just the editor's mix that you have to accept. You can personalise it to provide the mix that you yourself want, no problems.

If you're interested in the news coming out of India, (Bollywood, cricket, politics, business, whatever) then this looks like a very interesting way of actually getting it in the format that you want.

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Thanks http://Indychai.com is rocking!