Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Credit Cards and Insurance

Sure, almost all of us have a credit card, it's a necessary part and parcel of being in the modern wired world. It's tough to buy things online without one, just as an example.

However, there's a coule of things you really want to know about Credit Cards .

One is that you need to be sensitive to the possiblities of phishing. Click through for more, but essentially someone sends you a fake email, saying that you need to alter some details on your account. When you try, you're taken to a fake site where they steal you details and then spend all the credit on your card. You do want to read about how to protect yourself from this.

The second is that you get quite a lot of insurance when you pay for things with a card. Again, click through to read more. But, for example, if you buy a plane flight with a card you almost certainly won't need to also buy travel insurance. Didn't know that? Well, see why you might want to read the article?

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