Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rehab Hotline

I'm known to be at he libertarian end of the drugs question...if people want to ingest Bolivian Marching Powder or smoke hemp, that's al entirely up to them.

However, this view is indeed touched with some reality...while there are those who simply enjoy such things and get on with their lives there are also always those who find themselves addicted. Addiction means that the taking of the drugs is no longer a voluntary act, it's a disease, well, an addiction.

So I wholly welcome things like this free hotline for help about drug rehab . Yes, those who need help (and often also the friends and relatives of those who don't know that they need help) do indeed need to have an unbiased source of information about where they can go and get that help. It might be residential drug rehab that's needed, it might not be, just referral into a counselling program, but if you don't know what the options are and where they can be found, then it's obviously going to be impossible to get the help that is indeed needed.

Strongly recommended that if you need more information about drug rehab that you click through there and give them a call.

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