Monday, May 07, 2007

The SNP and Labour

This might be a serious mistake on the part of the Scottish Lib Dems. Rejecting out of hand a coalition with hte SNP over the idea of a referendum on independence.

The constitutional future of Scotland was plunged into crisis after Liberal Democrat leader Nicol Stephen last night rejected Alex Salmond's offer of a share in a coalition government by demanding that the SNP instantly drop their demands for a referendum on independence.

The net effect is going to be either a minority SNP administration or a resumption of the Labour Lib Dem one. The latter would most certainly be seen as a rejection of the voters' desires and will cause the Lib Dems the same problems they had after they'd propped up Callaghan.

No, far better I think to have gone into hte coalition, allowed the referendum to take place and watch as the SNP lost it, putting the issue to bed for a generation or more.

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