Monday, May 21, 2007

Which Furniture Store?

As the builders have left and we're now rolling around in the now expansive confines (as compared to the barn we spent the last two months in) of our renovated home my thoughts are naturally turning to not spending another dime on hte place. My wife's are equally naturally turning to what can she buy to fill said space. Furniture, of course.

Rather than allowing her to drag me off on an endless trawl of the shops I'm insisting that she does her research online. There's a good reason for this as well. A bricks and mortar store can only carry a limited range of stock, while an internet one can have one huge warehouse and actually carry everything. This lesser requirement to hold stock also means that they can sell the items much more cheaply...less is good, of course.

So I've been pointing her here, to look at bedroom sets for example. Once she's decided upon the bedroom furniture she can then go on and look for, say, leather furniture, perhaps leather sofas (although whether they are consistent with a house full of animals I'm not sure) and if I'm really lucky a peninsula desk for me. All of which she can do while I don't have to follow her around the stores going yes dear, no dear.

Which is really rather wonderful as it gives me an opportunity to stay at my desk and make the money to pay for the things :-)

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