Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Free Dating

Yes, we know, the internet (more specifically, the web) has enabled all sorts of social networking sites to get up and running.

It's also been great for dating sites, for it helps to deal with one of the major economic problems that they faced in the dead tree world: cost. When such meet people activities were tried in print, they came up against the cost issue. It costs money to print and distribute magazines and newspapers, thus the actual amount of dating activity was less than pwoplw actually wanted.

The web allowed all of this to be done at much lower cost and is thus better....but then various business types realized that there was good money to be made out of this (the urge to sex is, after all, quite basic to humans) which meant that they charged for access to their sites. Thus there was still less activity going on than people wanted.

Which brings us up to date, with the recent launch of JustSayHi. This is entirely free, never costs anything, no, you don't have to even offer a credit card. Now, perhaps, we'll get the optimal amount of dating, as people no longer have to pay for the information.

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Fidothedog said...

All rather good but for us married chaps it comes a tad to late.