Friday, May 25, 2007

PPP Direct

Those nice people over at PayPerPost, the ones who make it easy to advertise on blogs (and also, of course, make it easy for bloggers to accept ads) have come up with another great idea.

Currently the marketplace is centrally run which is good in its way. It means that the bad bloggers and the bad advertisers are weeded out of the system. However, it's also possible that an advertiser want's to approach a blogger directly. If they do this, then why should they need to pay the 35% (much less than the other companies but still) fee just to handle the payment issues?

Why should PPP get such a sum when they're really not doing all of that much, given that blogger and advertiser have found each other directly?

So what they've done is launched PPP Direct (more details are here on their blog). To make it all very simple, as a blogger I can put a widget on my site. This marks me out, at first, as someone willing to take paid posts as advertisements. As and when an advertiser clicks on this widget we can converse and sort out exactly what it is that he wants. Length, links, pictures, tone and so on.

What PPP Direct is doing is providing that negotiation channel and also the most vital part, the payment mechanism. The charge is only 10%, of which half is swallowed up by credit card and paypal fees, so it's a very efficient system indeed.

Excuse me while I go and work out how to get a widget into my template will you, please?

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