Saturday, May 26, 2007

Furnishing The House

As regular readers will know we've recently purchased a house down here and then had the builders in getting it all sorted out. New roof, new electrics, new floors, windows and wonder, although I'm having a good year, that we don't actually have any money. Still, it's not like spending money on a house is wasting it, right?

But having got all of these things done we now come to the much more contentious problem of actually furnishing it. As I work from home of course I need a decent stock of home office furniture
so that's the part of the site that I shall make my own task to sift through. There's so many options that it will of course take me some time.

The wife meanwhile can be pointed at the sections on living room furniture as I know that she wants to mae all of this a really rather grand place. There's one huge advantage to her doing all of this shopping online of course, which is that I don't have to wander around two paces behind her as we trek through store after store. The selection is vastly greater than any one bricks and mortar store could offer precisely because they are online.

So a heart three cheers for the online furniture store I say, for it means that I can stay here working, earning (at least some of) the money to pay for whatever it is my better half decides we should be getting to sit upon. Like a black leather sofa for example. although I will admit that a house with four cats, two dogs and five kittens might not be exactly the best place to have something so likely to get scratched.

So, if you find yourself in the same situation needing to furnish a house, I strongly recommend that you do the same. Point your browser through any of the above links and do all of your shopping the easy way, online.

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