Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Life According to Jean-Claude

One of the games which seems really made to be played online is backgammon.

There's no specific reason why the players need to be in the same room at all, the board is simple enough and virtual dice rolling has been done for decades. So there's no real surprise that the site Backgammon Masters has been able to create something of a cult following, one rapidly breaking through into the mainstream.

The game itself is something wherethe rules themselves are very simple but the implications of certain positions mean that they can lead to complex tactical situations. There's also the real point of the game, which is knowing when to double up on hte bets, which is really what makes it so exciting.

For those who don't really understand the game as yet they've started creating a series of animations to actually teach people. The character is a little like Esso's old Tony the Tiger and is known as Jeach- Claude. Th whole series goes under the rubric "Life According to Jean-Claude" and the second episode, called "Barbarossa" can be found here. It's wel worth watching as he uses his rather idiosyncratic views on life and history to teach you some of the tactics required to excel at the game.

If you want to know more about backgammon you'd do well to click through there as well, a portal or site leading to reams of useful information on the subject.

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