Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Universal Studios Tickets

Orlando has been gaining ground as a tourist and travel destination for decades now (it's certainly a lot larger than it was when I last went there in the early 80s), so much so that it gets nearly 40 million visitors a year (more, would you believe, than the population of the largest State in the Union?).

The combination of the weather and Disney placing a park there has lead to what economists call a cluster...because people went there for vacations, more people open attractions, which leads to more people going on vacation and s on in a never ending reinforcement.

This has got to the stage now that there are at least 52 theme parks in the area.

All of which leads to one further problem. How on earth do you decide which to go to of all the competing places? Arabian Nights? Medieval Times? Where, above all else, is the best place to get the tickets? Well, that last thing is easy. Click through this link for Universal Studios Tickets.

Yes, of course they handle them for all of the other attractions as well so you can rest assured that you'll see all of the available opportunities and all at the very best prices too.

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