Tuesday, May 22, 2007

CRM Software

When you look at all to many businesses from outside the incredibly frustrating thing is to see how much they're spending on attracting customers in in the first place and how much of that they're wasting by not dealing with them properly.

The answer is aways that they need to start using crm software. This is customer relationship management in the full phrase. Here's what hte problem is. Yes, people often do run very effective marketing and advertising campaigns, which brings the leads and contacts flooding in. But all too often there's no rigorous system to make sure that all of those contacts are properly dealt with.
Each inquiry needs to be logged, someone assigned to dealing with it and then followed throuh hte various processes. Do they need information? A sales call? A physical visit? After these, should the be followed up? Perhaps a draft contract prepared?

Without a system that tracks all of this it's far too easy for some (or many) of those expensively purchased initial contacts to be wasted.

If you haven't got such a system then you want to go here to see what AimPromote can do for you in the way of crm and thus increase your profits by leveraging your marketing spend.

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