Friday, May 25, 2007

Paying Your Taxes

You know, I'm not certain that this is the very most effective policy ever:

The Chinese capital has awarded 10 of the city's 387 taxpayers who each paid more than 1 million yuan ($130,700) in tax last year with certificates as a way of encouraging honesty, Chinese media reported.

One of the 10 -- including movie stars, real estate developers and artists -- paid 27 million yuan in tax, becoming the capital's highest taxpayer, according to the Beijing Times.

In total, the 387 people contributed 950 million yuan in tax last year, it said.

"The honest tax-paying behavior of these people will win them more opportunities and respect in their future work and life," the newspaper quoted Hao Shuobo, the deputy head of Beijing's Taxation Bureau, as saying.

I hand over many pieces of paper which are actually worth something and in return I get a piece which is worth nothing?

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