Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hawaii Beach Rentals

As we all get richer (no, do not believe those who tell you that incomes are not going up. It really is true that we've never had it so good. Just look at the increase in quality to see what I mean.) we're able to expand our tastes a little, to up the ante as it were.

Where once an affordable vacation might have been a weekend at Pismo Beach, of a drive a few hundred miles to see the folks, the rise in incomes and the fall in costs has means that something like a Kauai vacation rental is now a serious possibility.

In fact, if you look at this list of Hawaii rentals you can see that it's not just achievable, it's actually quite cheap. $300 to $400 a night might sound a lot, but when you think that most of these Kauai vacation rentals sleep ten or twelve people, the cost per person coms down to well below the rates of even the cheapest motels.

So why not click through one of those links and check out what's on offer? It's affordable now, eminently so, to take your vacation in the Pearl of the Pacific.

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