Tuesday, March 13, 2007


That's what everyone wants isn't it? From the guy in the movie who says that's what he's selling, access, to criminals and hackers everywhere. People like going in where they're not supposed to: and if they think they can make money out of doing so of course their efforts redouble.

Where this causes huge problems is in the running of computer systems for corporations. Tens of thousands of people need to be able to access information on them, to be able to add and change it, and yet billions of others have to be protected from doing so. It's actually been said that the only truly secure computer is one that is never switched on, but of course that is ridiculous.

There's a further problem for those using Unix (and the various flavours of it). If someone can gain access to the "root" account then there's little they can be stopped from doing. This is of course why it is the most targeted of them all.

The solution to this problem lies perhaps with Symark, whose products manage Access Control in a granular manner.  This means that each individual, or groups of them, even layers of management, can be given access only to those parts of the system they require, thus limiting their own temptation. Over and above the other protections that Symark offers this also means that any data breach will be a limited one, most certainly not involving that all important root account.

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