Friday, March 02, 2007

Russian Brides

So, are you thinking of following in Tim N's footsteps and hitching up with one of the Russian Women out there looking to meet up with and marry a western man?

The problem of coursewould be that you're not in Dubai where there are a number that you can indeed meet. A solution to that would be to take a look at Lover's Planet, a service aiming to help Russian Women who want to get married hook up with those men who want to marry  Russian Women.

Having had a look at the site (simply click through one of the links to do so) it seems just like any other form of online dating. The difference is not in the form, but in the contents of the database. These are women who are looking to marry, not simply to date., As someone who has lived in Russia I have to tell you that yes, there really are significant cultural differences. Almost all ofthem are in favour of the potential husband as well.

Could well be worth checking out.

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