Friday, March 02, 2007

Antonella Barba

You may or may not have heard about the little scandal over some photos of the American Idol contestant, Antonella Barba. There's a series of professionally posed cheesecake shots showing the young woman deshabille, but that's not the big scandal, there's another set of full on sex with someone who may or may not be her. The net has been abuzz asking whether these mean that Antonella Barba will be trown off American Idol: apparently warbling badly isn't a problem, but having sex is. Still, as this report shows, she's not been kicked out yet:

Fans of "American Idol," U.S. TV's most popular program, on Thursday gave their backing to a female contestant purportedly shown in some X-rated Internet photos, voting to keep her on the show.

"Idol" fans have flooded online chat rooms and blogs in recent days buzzing over whether the photos really are of Antonella Barba and whether she'll get kicked off Fox network's singing contest because of them.

"Idol" producers have shrugged off the controversy and no mention of the scandal was made during Thursday's show, when four of 20 remaining contestants were sent home.

But it was not until the end of the show that the fate of Barba was revealed, when the host called three women to the front of the stage to announce which one was out.

Barba, a 20-year-old former college student from New Jersey, was one of 20 competitors who last week advanced to the latest round, but some expected her to be voted off because of her mediocre singing and criticism from the judges.

But others said her lack of talent may not be that important at this stage of the show.

"If a sex tape of Antonella makes the Internet she could win this competition ... now that would be rather humorous," said entertainment news blog Bumpshack following the show.

Now that would indeed be funny.


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