Friday, March 30, 2007

Search engines

To make your business stand out online you've got to make sure that the search engines can see it. OK, that's stage one. So you're on hte net, your tags are fine, you're in the engine indexes, but you're still not getting swamped with people wanting to buy your products.

Now what? The answer is search engine optimization.

This is the process of making sure that you get the highest results possible so that when someone searches for something you have, your site will (you hope) appear on the first page of results and thus be one of the ones clicked upon.

There are two basic ways of doing this. One is the simple and obvious one, to make sure that your site is clean, that the spiders can read it (make sure your .robots file is correct) and that you've got the correct tags and meta tags.

Good, so you've done that, what next. Well, what you've got to do is build a network of people, of sites and blogs, that point to you as being a good source of your products. It's these links that the spiders read which make you advance up the results. It is possible to do this alone, but it takes a long time and who has that to waste in business today?

Far better to click through the link above and allow the experts at Customer Magnetism organize it all for you.

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