Monday, March 12, 2007

Proposing Marriage

A little story, a true one in fact, about proposing marriage and fussing about with Engagement Rings and the like. No, not what happened to me, but to a friend (and a real friend, this isn't something made up just to tell a story).
So, this friend, we'll call him Ian, for that was his name, had been dating a woman for some 6 months or so and was very happy indeed. He got his act together, looks around for diamonds, and then purchased the Engagement Ring.
He steeled himself up to ask his beloved: he was certain that he wanted to marry her, and pretty certain that she wanted to marry him and live together, forever, in domestic bliss, but there's always that slight doubt, isn't there?
Anyway, so he picks the right moment and asks her. Yes, indeed, she did say yes, kissed him and plighted her troth.
First though, she fell out of bed.
Perhaps not quite what our forefathers would have thought of as the most appropriate place to ask.
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