Saturday, March 31, 2007

Disney World Tickets

Many think of Orlando as only housing Disney World: this isn't actually true at all. Over the years the place has become a veritable treasure house of tourist attractions.

The best way to find out what there is available is to go to this site that sells the Disney World Tickets themselves and have a look at what else is also on offer. Over and above Disney and the associated Epcot Center there are all sorts of things available.

For example, the Kennedy Space Center is not far away (and if you can time your trip to be there for a Shuttle launch, it is the most outrageous sight in the world. Something that big just shouldn't be able to go that fast.)

There's also the Universal Studios place in Orlando, Busch Gardens, The Holy Land Experience. Things for all tastes and budgets, for the young and the not so young, even for the not so young but still young at heart.

There's a great deal more to do in the area than just Disney which is probably why hte Orlando region gets more tourists every year than there are inhabitants of the entire state of California.

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