Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fairfax Real Estate

One of the oddities of the so called free market system in hte US is the way that so much of the money to be made actually emanattes from hte Federal Government itself. This is what has made the area around Washington DC boom so much in recent decades.

Back when I lived there a couple of decades ago it wsa entirely possible to buy the American dream house on a  reasonable mortgage. The increase in the number of people working for the Feds has made this more difficult now: I will admit that the location of companies like The Motley Fool in Alexandria has also made a difference.

The flip side of this is that it has made it a very hot real estate market: and as we don't think government is going to go away soon one with many fewer risks than other areas of the country.

The Fairfax County real estate market, for example, looks very interesting. It's a lovely part of Northern Virginia and values should continue to rise strongly for, as above, no one forsees any cutting back on the bureaucracy. 

Worth clicking through the link there to see what John Holmes can do for you in this market.

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