Monday, March 12, 2007

'Till Death Us Do Part

That is, at least, the normal way that weddings are handled, that the vows last until death do part us. Not always though, as this story shows:

An Indian woman, despairing over her lover's accidental death when he fell down a well soon after their engagement, insisted on ceremonially marrying his corpse just minutes before the cremation.

"It was for just few minutes the girl was dressed as a bride and then as a widow," K.M. Kapadia, a police officer in the town of Anand in western Gujarat state, said on Saturday.

Wedding attendees sat the corpse up by a fire, the traditional center of Hindu wedding ceremonies, and chanted some marriage prayers before cremating the body, police said.

"The girl refused to give away the body of her lover for the cremation till she tied the knot with him," Kapadia said.

Only starting the marriage after death is a little unusual, to say the least. Still, I suppose she wouldn't have tried this a century or more ago. Under the tradition of suttee she would have been thrown, live, onto the funeral pyre herself.

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