Friday, March 30, 2007

Politicians in Latex

Something of a storm in a tea cup methinks. So a female politician poses in a conservative outfit and wears a paid of long latex gloves at the same time.

A German politician who helped to topple Bavarian premier Edmund Stoiber has been attacked by her colleagues for posing in latex gloves for a magazine.

Gabriele Pauli, a 49-year-old local politician in the Bavaria-based Christian Social Union (CSU), is featured in Park Avenue magazine wearing the long, black gloves.

Her outfit is otherwise conservative but it did not stop extensive German media coverage on Wednesday of the photo shoot.

"Politics needs to have a certain degree of respectability and Ms. Pauli has damaged this," Norbert Geis, a national member of parliament in the CSU, told the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung paper.

This is the bit I'm not sure that I understand though. Germans are rather into this leather and latex thing, aren't they? So why all the fuss?

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Akaky said...

Now, of course, if she was wearing the latex gloves only, I could see as how the opposition might have a point, but on the whole this seems somewhat silly. We are, however, speaking of politicians, who are usually a pretty silly bunch, as human beings go, although I wonder sometimes if they are quite as silly as the people who keep voting for them, thereby enabling their pathetic need to legislate something.