Monday, March 05, 2007

George Galloway and the Baftas

It looks as if Gorgeous George might win a Bafta:

"SHALL I be the cat?" The memorable image of George Galloway licking an imaginary bowl of cream from the cupped hands of Rula Lenska has landed Celebrity Big Brother with a nomination for a Bafta television award.

The MP's authentic feline impersonation combined with his dynamic modern dance moves, performed while clad in a fetching, bright-red body stocking, helped secure Channel 4's solitary nomination for the Pioneer Audience Award, the only Bafta voted for by members of the public.

The shortlist, announced yesterday, will see the MP's imaginary cat and his fellow contestants, pitted against the genuine big cats filmed for Planet Earth, the BBC documentary series, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, which contained the first TV images of wild snow leopards.

Well, the show that will get the award, not George, but it'll be nice to see that catsuit again, won't it?

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