Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Discount Hotel News

Now here is an excellent site and idea. Based around blogging software the authors are both providing a recommendation service for hotels and also a tour guide as to why you might want to visit a particular city. The two together make up a discount hotel news guide.

As an example, next November there is the international comedy festival in Melbourne Australia and they've got up a You Tube clip of what leastyear's festival was like. They also add in the discount hotel news about the Stamford Plaza hotel in that city. You see how they're going this? Providing a reason why you might want to go to a city, plus showing you where you might want to stay while you're there?

Another example of the way they provide discount hotel news is their listing of the top ten romantic hotels in the world. No, no one will really be all that surprised that the George V in Paris comes top of that list: go on, it had to be somewhere in Paris, right?

Anway, it's a great little site and well worth checking out. There are competitions and interesting data on loyalty schemes and so on, you'll really be able to learn a lot and same some money at the same time. 

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