Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mystery Meat Day

Is what we used to call it at school. Wondering whether the local dog pound had been emptied to feed us, gosh, there were very few cats around, weren't there?

Never really though it would extend to university caterers though:

The caterer at a dormitory on Bangladesh's Dhaka University has been fired after students complained they were served dog meat, officials said on Thursday.

Students at the Hajji Mohammad Mohsin Hall protested after a student suspected that the meat on his plate was of a "dog or fox," instead of beef or mutton.

He drew the attention of other students, who rushed to the authorities demanding an immediate investigation.

"We have seized the menu and expelled the hall caterer," said Ahmed Zaman Anwar, provost of the 1,200-student dormitory.

Just one question. If you were presented with a plate of meat, how would you work out that it was dog?

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