Thursday, March 08, 2007

Greek Shirts

Now that the newphews and neices are all growing up (in fact, given that they've all started dating I would suspect that they are indeed grown up) they're all off to college over the next couple of years. This then means they have to make the decision about whether to join a fraternity or sorority, one of the Greek societies. There are huge benefits in doing so and I'm encouraging them that way. There's the immediate way in which you are part of an extended family, for example, and those contacts you make that way will be with you through the rest of your professional life.

In fact, to encourage them I've already said that I'll spring the cash for their greek shirts as and when they actually join one of the fraternities or sororities. They seem to think that's a big deal actually, but then they don't know that I've found and I'm certainly not going to tell them what a great deal I'm going to be getting. Let them think that they're expensive, just makes me look like an even more generous Uncle than I already am, doesn't it?

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