Thursday, March 01, 2007

Box Widget

There are times when this new technology stuff seriously confuses me. Take this description:

Its a flash player that streams podcasts, music, photos, videos, and any other type of file.

I think I actually get all of the words individually, but I'm scratching my head as to what they mean all put together. Is this something like You Tube?

Anyway, it's called the Widget and is something the makers are very proud of indeed. No doubt some kind reader will tell me what this is all about?

I'm told that they'll offer 1 GB of storage on their site and unlimited bandwidth as well. So it's something that allows me to play these videos, show the pictures on my site is it?

Perhaps those of my age (what I like to call the years of enjoying maturity) shouldn't be trying to deal with these new technologies?

Here's one in action:

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deralaand said...

It's a really cool widget actually. You can load a program file on it if you want. Maybe a program that you have and that you wished you had access to when you were at another computer. You could go to your and get the program.
It's almost like file sharing...except they took out the ability to download music.