Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Killer Whales!

This really does sound so ungrateful, doesn't it?


A Japanese fisherman drowned on Tuesday after a whale he was trying to rescue capsized his small fishing boat, a coastguard official said.

Three fishermen tried to rescue the sperm whale, about 10-meter (yard) long, after it strayed into a bay off the southwestern island of Shikoku, about 800 km (500 miles) southwest of Tokyo.

But the panicked creature turned on them and struck the vessel, the coastguard official said.

A 58-year-old fisherman drowned while two other fishermen were rescued, he added.

What's that phrase? Ah, yes, no good deed ever goes unpunished.

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Akaky said...

Apropos nothing at all, while killer whales are cetaceans and thus are related to whales, the killer whale is in fact not a whale at all, but rather the largest of the dolphins: Flipper with an anger management problem, if you will.