Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Biker Dating

One of the things I love about this grand new world of the web and the intarwebs is the way in which things that previously didn't make economic sense now do.

Take the dating market for example. At one time you would date those you met through family or friends or perhaps (very perhaps) look at the personals section of the newspaper. Now specialist dating sites are springing up all of the web and they're all targetted. That's the bit that didn't make economic sense before. For example, one city wouldn't be large enough to support a magazine carrying biker personals.

Now however there's a site dedicated to nothing but biker dating. It's a very good site too, got all the regular functionality, it's easy to use: it's just that everyone on it is either a biker or interested in bikers. If that's what you're into, highly recommended.

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