Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shane Warne and Simone Callahan

Looks like Shane Warne's been caught cheating on Simone Callahan again:

The wife of former Australian cricket champion Shane Warne says their marriage reconciliation is over after he mistakenly sent her an incriminating text message.

Simone Callahan, who reunited last December with the spin bowler known also for his womanizing, told a woman's magazine she caught Warne cheating on her while he was in London.

As Callahan got the couple's three children ready for school in Melbourne, a text dropped into the inbox of her mobile phone, she told New Idea magazine.

"Hey beautiful, I'm just talking to my kids, the back door's open," the message from Warne said.

"You loser, you sent the message to the wrong person," Callahan sent back.

She told the magazine the message confirmed her suspicions that Warne was again cheating on her and that his lover had been to their London home before.

But the thing I don't get is this: what on earth was Callahan doing? You don't go ou and marry some alpha male thinking tht he's going to be faithful. More to the point, someone with a reputation for putting it about for a bit: what are you doing leaving him on the other side of the world?

I just don't get it.

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