Friday, September 28, 2007

Housing Insurance

Well, we all know that we need to have house insurance, yes? Don't forget that it covers a great deal more than just the house itself: although if that does fall over then you'd want to make sure that someone was paying for it. You can also add your contents to it and so on, even, with certain policies, things that would normally be in the house but that you take out of it. All protected against theft and fire and so on.

So far so good, but who should you buy it from? Well, why not the Co-Op? In fact, there's two very good reasons why you should buy your house insurance from them. The first is that they are ethically based, so they deal with their suppliers and customers in an entirely forthright and honest manner. The second is that they are a mutual, meaning that they share the profits with the members and customers.

Over and above all that they've also got some of the best rates on the market. Click through above to see what they can do for you.

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