Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lindsay Lohan in Divorce!

Of course, it's not actually Lindsay Lohan that's getting divorced: she's not married so that would be a little difficult as a feat for her to achieve. However, she's being cited in the divorce of the guy she (allegedly) was shagging in the toilet at her rehab centre.

LINDSAY LOHAN has been cited in the bitter divorce proceedings of the man she is alleged to have slept with while in rehab.

The troubled starlet is reported to have romped with rocker TONY ALLEN in the toilets of the Cirque Lodge clinic in Utah last month.

And now his estranged millionaire wife STEPHANIE ALLEN has filed an affidavit claiming the "defendant’s conduct with another woman" has lead to the union being "irretrievably broken".

"Habitual drug addiction" and "cruel treatment" have also been lodged as reasons to dissolve the four-year-old marriage.

Though Lohan is not directly named in the complex legal papers filed, exhibit 'A', which is attached to the papers includes articles about the alleged tryst.

Lessee: drunk driving, rehab, wasn't there a drugs charge in htere somewhere as well, and now being the corespondent in a divorce case. Pretty good going for someone who is only 21 isn't it?

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