Thursday, September 27, 2007

Killing With a Kiss

Wow, this is one jealous woman:

A Chinese woman who killed her lover with a rat poison-laced kiss when she suspected him of being unfaithful has been sentenced to death, a newspaper said Thursday.

Xia Xinfeng, from Maolou in the central province of Henan, passed a capsule with rat poison from her mouth to her long-time lover, Mao Ansheng, during a kiss, the Shanghai Daily said.

Mao swallowed the capsule and died soon afterwards.

"The couple had said that if either one of them cheated on the other, he or she would have to die," the paper said in explaining the mouth-to-mouth assault.

Xia found Mao had been "talking" with another woman and deemed that he had broken their promise.

Talking with another woman is enough for her to murder you?

It's not as if sho wouldn't have known what was likely to happen either. China executes more than any other country: and does it in public too. A bullet to hte back of the head. Fortunately, they no longer bill the family of those execusted for the bullets.

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