Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good Grief! Banning Rice Now?

Used to be that we all threw paper made confetti at weddings. Then that was ruled out as it's both wasteful and difficult to clean up. So then we all started throwing rice instead (actually, returning to an old tradition) because the bits missed in the clean up will be eaten by birds. Now we can't do that any more:

Throwing rice at newly-weds will soon be banned in Venice as the city steps up its fight against pigeons soiling its squares and chipping away at monuments.

The mayor of the canal city is preparing a measure to stop pigeons banqueting outside the central Palazzo Cavalli, where civil weddings are celebrated, municipal police chief Marco Agostini said on Monday.

"Throwing rice at the bride and groom brings hordes of pigeons who then wait around until the next ceremony. The situation has become unbearable," Agostini told Reuters.

Look, if the pigeons don't get fed, where's KFC going to get stock from? Where will it all end?

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