Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Visiting the Perth International Arts Festival

If youshould find yourself looking for a reaon to visit Oz might I recommend the Perth International Arts Festical? As their site states:

The Perth International Arts Festival is the oldest annual international multi-arts festival in the southern hemisphere and annually offers some of the world’s best theatre, music, film, visual arts, street arts, literature and free community events. No single art genre, concert, performance or exhibition series can cover the breadth of intellectual and imaginative territory of the Perth Festival, nor reach as broadly into the community. For two generations of locals, summer in Perth without the Festival is simply unimaginable.

That's pretty good going, lasting that long. It's only a few years younger than the Edinburgh Festical, which is the Northern Hemisphere's equivalent.

Now if you are indeed going to make such a trip you'll need information on hotels in Perth so click through there to see what you can get.

Of course, if you're going to travel all that way to Oz you might as well have a look around the rest of the country too. To aid there here's hotels in Adelaide and Melbourne accomodation. Something you should note about all of those accomodation sites. They don't just handle last minute or cheap hotel bookings,they can also offer shared apartments and so on, which can be a much cheaper way of dealing with things if you're travelling in a group.

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