Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dell Laptops

I'm obviously way out of date on the pricing of computers these days. I've been looking around for a new one and Ican't believe how cheap they have become. Sure, I knew that desktops were pretty cheap these days but the pricing for laptops and notebooks seems to have come right down as well. Foir example, having a look at the German Notebook Shop for Dell, they've come down to hte point that they're almost a consumable item now. OK, OK, not quite, but in English pricing, £350 for a fully operating machine, loaded and ready to go, is incredibly cheap. Or, if you prefer (as many manufacturers do, for they don't like the word "cheap") great value.

No, I don't mean it's something you buy on a whim, but it's no longer something that you've really got to worry all that much about, is it?

What also gets me is that they have even lower prices and even better deals on machines for the student laptop market. Anyone want to lend me a student card?

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