Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Early Morning Barmaids

Now I will admit that I've felt like I have drunk this stuff before, but that's usually the morning after that I feel so.

An Australian "prankster" barmaid who served a patron a shot of disinfectant has appeared in court over what her lawyers said was a "misguided" joke.

Melbourne barmaid Emily Craig, 23, served a client a single 30ml shot glass of Pine-O-Cleen disinfectant in March during a 6 a.m. drinking bout at Evolution Nightclub, causing him to become violently ill, the Melbourne Magistrates court was told.

In fact, I've been in some parts of the world where the local rotgut tastes like that and has a very similar effect while drinking it.

Still, I think it gives the manufacturers of Pine-O-Clean an opportunity for an advertising campain. What do you think..."Pine-O-Clean, worse than Gin"?

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