Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sacked for Marrying

Looks like taking a second wife if you're a policeman in Malaya is a bit of a no no:

One policeman in mainly Muslim Malaysia has been sacked and another demoted -- both for taking a second wife.

A newspaper said on Saturday the pair, who were married abroad, had not sought prior approval from their respective commanders.

"In the force, we have to vet whom they (policemen) want to marry as a policy," the New Straits Times quoted the country's police chief, Musa Hassan, as saying.

"You can't just simply marry anyone for security reasons. They got married overseas and they didn't even inform they went overseas," he said. "Let this be a lesson to other police officers."

But as the report makes clear, there's no ban on having a second wife: it's a ban on marrying someone you haven't had cleared.

That seems a litle extreme actually: I can see the point and the logic but perhaps only spies should be held to such standards?

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