Friday, September 28, 2007

How Many Maids?

What were these maids doing wrong? Or was it rather what were the employers doing wrong?

Hong Kong Canto-pop star Jacky Cheung has been banned from hiring any more maids from the Philippines after firing 21 in three years, a newspaper said on Thursday.

Cheung and his wife, former actress May Lo, were placed on a "blacklist of sub-standard employers" maintained by the Philippine consulate in Hong Kong after hiring and firing 21 maids in three years, the South China Morning Post reported.

His track record has earned him the nickname of the "the terminator" within the local Filipino community.

Joel Blas, an assistant national officer at the Philippines consulate, was quoted as saying his consul-general had met Lo last week to explain she'd "not be allowed to hire any helpers from the Philippines for one year."

The thing is here that in order to hire one of the Fillippina maids you also have to organise her work permit. So if you're on this register of people who are not alowed to offer a work permit, then you're not going to be able to hire a maid, either.

Unless, of course, youhire on illegally, without a work permit, or you hire a Chinese one....which means they'll have even less protection, doesn't it?

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