Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Print on Demand

One of the glorious things that this web and internet combination has given us is the opportunity to do print on demand (POD) books. Instead of scribbling away for a year or two to see your manuscript failing to find a publisher, it's possible for you to get it printed and bound and then sell it over the net yourself.

The thing is, there are also a lot of different options about how you do this. There are many suppliers, each with different business models. Yes,there are those that are free but then their products and their marketing support reflect that very fact that they are free.

An alternative in self publishing is the company Outskirts Press. For example, their $999 self publishing package might seem expensive, but one of their authors just reeiced a $39,000 check for three months book sales. They're also the only company that will let you set your own retail price, royalty rate and trade discount (have a look at their pricing calculator to check it out).

You can also check out their book math and their marketing support package.

Self-publishing has never been easier or cheaper so if you think you've got a book in you (and almost all of us do) then why not check it out?

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