Friday, September 07, 2007

Hotels in Spain

I've got to go over to Spain soon, to Madrid and Barcelona, so I've been looking around to see what it will be like. The first thing of course is to find one of the hotels in Madrid. OK, so that website does that. Then of course there's what to do while I'm there. Actually, so I've heard, eatin and drinking is really thte best thing to do. Go anywhere, have a drink, and they give you something to eat.

Then I'm off to Barcelona, and I've been there before. Again, I need one of the hotels in Barcelona, maybe I should actually look in Catalan (Hoteles en Barcelona) but at least I know what to do while there. Eat and drink again, of couse. But then also go to see the Gaudi buildings and take a wander down Las Ramblas...although if you do that be careful as it gets roughter the closer you are to hte dockside.

But both are great cities and I'm looking forward to going to them.

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