Monday, September 24, 2007

Normally it's the Criminals

Who swear in court that is:

A senior Canadian judge has been formally reprimanded for swearing during a courtroom clash with

a prosecutor earlier this year, officials said on Friday.

British Columbia Supreme Court Judge Peter Leask's behavior

was "improper and tarnished the reputation of the court and the judiciary," concluded an investigation by the Canadian Judicial Council.

Leask resorted to expletives in March at the trial of a man

charged with trafficking cocaine. The judge disagreed strongly

with the prosecutor's premise that the accused had hidden the

drug in his own storage locker.

"He'd have had to have been out of his f------- mind to store it in his own locker, all right?" the judge told the prosecutor. He also referred to "the whole f------ thing" and used the words "god------" and "s----."

What is the world coming to when things like this can happen? Are we about to see the End Times, cats with dogs and rains of blood and plagues of frogs? I mean, really.

Swearing in court is the job of the accused, lying is what the lawyers are supposed to do and the judges are supposed to be drunk.

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