Saturday, September 22, 2007


As regular readers will know we've been renovating this new to us house for the past few months and, Yay! we've finally got the bathroom finished. That means we've got half the house finished (it's actually two independent houses on one plot). So, we can actually have one house to live in, free of builders and dust. This, of course, now means that we have to go furniture shopping. Boo!

Really, who want to schlepp around endless numbers of stores three paces behind the wife? More importantly, bricks and mortar stores really don't have much in stock. They simply can't.

Which is what makes me like the look of this one of the online furniture stores .

They've got just about everything you could possible want, all laid out in an extremely easy to navigate manner on a very slick and quick website. I mean, have a look at this storage bed...we'll be needing at least one if not two of those. To see what I mean about their broad selection, have a look at this category, Dining Room Furniture.

They've got everything we need, at pices we like and best of all, I can just point he wife's browser at it while I get on with watching the game. Life's tough somtimes, hunh, then someone goes and makes it even better.

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